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Conference, MediasPublished on February 20, 2024

Sodavex is invited to the 3RMCDQ congress to address environmental monitoring and disaster response

The CDR (Construction and Demolition Waste) industry is constantly evolving, constantly seeking to innovate in environmental management and sustainability. It is in this spirit that the 3RMCDQ annual congress was held at the Centrexpo Cogeco in Drummondville.

Conference, NewsPublished on May 26, 2021

AOMGMR – L’impact de la LQE, du REAFIE et d’autres règlements sur les écocentres et sur d’autres installations de matières résiduelles

A training session offered to members of the AOMGMR aimed at demystifyng the new rules and regulations applicable in environmental matters, particularly for eco-centers.

By Christine Duchaine