Sodavex is invited to the 3RMCDQ congress to address environmental monitoring and disaster response

Conference, Medias

The CDR (Construction and Demolition Waste) industry is constantly evolving, constantly seeking to innovate in environmental management and sustainability. It is in this spirit that the 3RMCDQ annual congress was held at the Centrexpo Cogeco in Drummondville, a key event for professionals in the sector.

Our collaborators met numerous stakeholders from the CDR sector. The day was punctuated by enriching discussions at the exhibitors’ lounge with participants but also by captivating conferences.

We had the chance to hear about circularity in the field of CRDs, decarbonization and electrification of heavy transport and social acceptability.

Me Duchaine and Kévin Morin, Director General of CETEQ also jointly gave a conference entitled: “Environmental control and disasters: actors serving the industry and the environment”.

As part of his conference, Me Duchaine presented the different tools available to the Ministry of the Environment to carry out environmental control of farms. Me Duchaine also gave the business leaders present at the congress the tools to understand how the Ministry carries out its environmental controls and to be able to react properly in the event that they themselves face an environmental control. Me Duchaine then brought a legal and legal vision, thus consecrating a real multidisciplinary scope to the congress.

The participation of personalities such as Me Duchaine and Kevin Morin underlines the richness and diversity of the perspectives discussed during this conference. These discussions and sharing of experiences are crucial for shaping the practices of tomorrow. We look forward to continuing on this path of innovation and collaboration to jointly address the environmental challenges of our sector.

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