We counsel municipalities, businesses and individuals on all aspects of their day-to-day operations in matters relating to constitutional, regulatory and environmental compliance and work alongside renowned experts in every discipline and area relating to the environment (engineers, environmental strategists, public relations experts, lobbyists, etc.)


In practice

  • Feasability studies, project approval and implementation
  • Analysis and counsel on all applicable legal obligations
  • Drafting of legal opinions
  • Compliance audit questionnaires
  • Advice on the liability of officers and directors as well as consultants and sub-contractors
  • Implementation of internal policies

Real Estate, energetic or industrial development

  • Legal obligations when requesting environmental and municipal authorizations, including transfer requests
  • Analysis of all laws and regulations from every level of government in order to determine the jurisdiction a project is subject to
  • Analysis of regulatory constraints, municipal or provincial, that may prevent or hinder a project’s realization and challenge of these constraints when required
  • Advice on the required authorizations and the applicable standards
  • Advice on the obligations arising from the presence of contaminated soils or waste materials
  • Advice on the obligations arising from the presence of wetlands and bodies of water, including compensation obligations
  • Advice on the obligations relating to protected species and environments
  • Advice on the obligations relating to the carbon market and air emissions

Change of use, discontinuation, transfer

  • Soil characterization and rehabilitation
  • Dimantlement of installations
  • Notices to environmental authorities
  • Document preservation

Contaminated soils, waste materials

  • Analysis of legal obligations arising from the existence of contaminated soils or from the migration of contaminants
  • Advice and support in cases of latent defects
  • Analysis of corporate structures and the appropriate protections required for any given situation
  • Advice relating to the drafting of rehabilitation plans and environmental studies as well as the approval of rehabilitation plans
  • Advice and drafting of notices of contamination and decontamination, notices of usage restrictions, notices to neighbours and to the Ministry

Municipal regulations

  • Compliance with municipal regulations (noise, nuisances, odours, dust, waste water)
  • Municipal permits and authorizations, including construction permits and permits relating to aqueduct networks
  • Acquired rights
  • Allotment, exception and change of use requests, including parc fees
  • Change of use
  • Riverbanks and floodplains
  • Wetlands and bodies of water
  • Planning of waste management policies
  • Drafting of municipal regulations