Expropriation & Real Estate

Government authorities, when needed, use the Expropriation Act to acquire properties. Our team advises public bodies, businesses and homeowners at every stage of this process. 


At which stage ?

  • When expropriation is being considered
  • When a Notice of reservation is issued
  • When a Notice of Expropriation is served
  • At any stage during an expropriation, when it is perceived that your interests are not being rightfully considered


To reach the best possible outcome. Our team has developed an impressive network of renowned experts in the fields of property, business and equipment appraisal, in forensic accounting as well as environmental assessment. 

Having handled cases that go from homes to large businesses and projects of a large magnitude such as the expansion of the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, our team relies on solid experience. 

In practice

  • Representation of a town which expropriated an archeological site
  • Representation of a well-know department store expropriated for the expansion of the Palais des Congrès de Montréal
  • Represention of countless homeowners and businesses expropriated for small and large-scale projects such as roads, parcs and schools

Real Estate

At which stage ?

  • When considering whether or not to purchase a building or land
  • When considering whether or not to finance a building or land
  • When discovering contaminated soil on a property
  • At any stage when litigation surrounding a real estate transaction arises