Samuel Lepage


Eager for knowledge, it is through a happy blend of rigor and dynamism that Samuel will be able to work on his files with renewed creativity.


Following a college career crowned by the award of the Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec, Samuel completed a Bachelor of Law degree at the University of Montreal in 2021. He is on the honor roll of his class. 

The practice of law for Samuel has always been synonymous with social advancement. Environmental Law and Litigation are the perfect fields in which to accomplish this mission. For these reasons, Samuel has been involved with the Lawyers Without Borders Committee at the University of Montreal, but also with the Environment Committee of his faculty, this time as president. 

Following various experiences as a research assistant in environmental and administrative law, Samuel started in our office as a law student in the summer of 2021. Following the completion of his articling term in the winter of 2022, Samuel now joins our team as a lawyer.    

Social involvement

  • Caisse Desjardins Pierre-Boucher : Young Intern Director  
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