Gaëlle Obadia

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” Gaelle’s calm and composed nature makes her colleagues and clients feel at ease, while the depth of her reasoning mark high points with judges.”

Curious and innovative by nature, Gaelle shines by her creativity, her outstanding attention to detail, her analytic thinking and her devotion. Gaelle also embolies team spirit and applies this principle to both her colleagues, partners and clients. She applies her vast experience and many parallel aptitudes to every situation she encounters, finding solutions to complex problems, making her a valuable asset for anyone who works alongside her.

Gaelle joined Sodavex as an intern in the winter of 2018. Early into her internship, she was presented with an offer to join the team on a permanent basis as a lawyer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in civil law as well as a double master’s degree in international and European law, which she obtained in France. Upon arriving in Montreal, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Montreal.

Before flying away to Quebec, Gaelle worked with many governmental institutions in Europe, namely in the cabinet of the French minister of Environment. She also worked for more than 2 years as a lobbyist for transport and environmental law in Brussels, where she advised important groups in the freight, maritime and energy fields.

Naturally, after such an enriched path, her integration within the Sodavex team was seamless. Since her arrival, she has advised clients on matters of contaminated soils and environmental and municipal legislation and is involved in a large number of very diverse cases relating to access to information, administration monetary sanctions, actions class suits and expropriation, to name a few.

Licence en droit – Aix-Marseille 3 – 2012

Master en droit interntational et de l’union Européenne – University Lille 2 – 2014

Baccalauréat en droit – Université de Montréal – 2017

Barreau du Québec – 2018

L’altruisme naturel de Gaëlle se remarque par ses implications bénévoles auprès de plusieurs associations professionnelles.

·    Cheminement Équivalences :

Depuis son arrivée au Canada en 2016, Gaëlle est membre de l’association Cheminement Équivalences regroupant les juristes internationaux qui désirent s’établir au Québec et participe activement aux rencontres d’entraide des nouveaux arrivants.

·    Kadiwaku Family Foundation :

Depuis 2015, Gaëlle s’implique en tant que consultante bénévole pour l’obtention de subventions internationales et la conclusion de partenariats et est désormais membre du conseil d’administration de la Kadiwaku Family Foundation, basée aux États-Unis et en République Démocratique du Congo. Avec le soutien des Nations-Unies, cette fondation œuvre principalement pour l’entrepreneuriat et la scolarisation des personnes en situation de handicap.



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